Rules and Regulations

TEXFAIR 2024, June 21 to 24 - 2024 | CODISSIA Trade Fair Complex, Coimbatore, INDIA.

Rules and Regulations

1. Organiser:

The Southern India Mills’ Association,
41, Race Course, Coimbatore 641 018
Phone: +91 – 422 – 4225333
E-mail: /;

2. Venue:


3. Exhibition Dates:

21st to 24th June 2024.

4. Hours of the Exhibition:

10.00 a.m to 6.00 p.m

5. Exhibitors:

Textile machinery, accessories and spares manufacturers/dealers/distributors covering Spinning, Weaving, Processing, Knitting, Garmenting, Textile Testing, Textile Effluent Treatment Plants, etc.

6. Space rent and basic conditions for Participation:

Premium Rates

Stalls marked with *** : 45% extra
Stalls marked with ** : 25% extra
Stalls marked with * : 10% extra
Plus GST @ 18% is applicable.

Minimum area to be booked for a stall is 64/63/56/54/49/48/42/36/35/30/25/24/20/16/12 square metres. Larger stalls will be allocated in multiples based on the availability in both ways as per the requirements of exhibitors.


– 5% early bird discount would be offered for bookings upto 31st March 2024.
– 10% additional discount for those exhibitors who have participated in minimum of two of our earlier fairs.

Booking closes by 31st May 2024

a) The prospective Exhibitor should apply in the Stall Reservation Form together with 50% advance payment. Allotment will be on first-come-first-served basis subject to receipt of all payments. All payments should be made by way of Demand Draft/Cheque in favour of “The Southern India Mills’ Association” payable at Coimbatore. The terms of payment are given as follow.

Terms of Payment:

Note: Confirmation of stall & stall number will be allotted only after Second payment is made, otherwise the stall reservation will be deemed to be cancelled without any notice and no refund will be made.

b) The space rent does NOT include charges for telephone/fax line, e-mail, electricity for running the machine/extra illumination and compressed air for which separate tariffs are prescribed below:

Power Tariff: 3 phase connection and Consumption charges for power supply to the exhibitor will be charged extra. The 3 phase connection charges are Rs.5,000/- for upto 10 KVA and Rs.7,000/- for above 10 KVA. The consumption charge is Rs.2,500/- per KVA. The requirements should be mentioned in FORM – 1.

Compressed Air: Compressed air will be provided to exhibitors at extra cost who specifically request and the charges is Rs.10,000/- per connection. The requirement should be mentioned in FORM – 1.

c) The basic furniture will be provided at free of cost are as follows:

d) The Organiser reserves the right to reallocate space, change the layout, add or delete corridors in the Floor Plan which may affect the orientation of some Exhibitors. The organiser’s decision will be final in such matters.

e) Cancellation: In the event of cancellation of Exhibition space by the request of the Exhibitors by e-mail or hard copy, the following rates of refund will be applicable:

7. Stall Erection:

Exhibitors must submit to the Exhibition Authority a layout plan of their stall showing the positions of machines/exhibits, fittings, furniture and official cubicles, etc., with their dimensions in metres, before 31st May 2024 and to get the confirmation from the exhibition authority. Modifications/alterations suggested by the Exhibition Authority will be binding on the exhibitors.

Exhibitors can begin the work of installing machines and exhibits in their stalls from 18th June 2024 onwards and this work must be completed on or before 6.00 p.m on 20th June 2024. Thereafter no work will be permitted to be carried out in the Exhibition Hall. Electrical power will be given to the Stalls only at 2.00 p.m on 20th June 2024 for trial run.

(Considering that a period of 2 days has been provided for bringing in and installing exhibits and taking trial of exhibits, it is highly desirable on the part of the exhibitors, to plan arrival of exhibit cases well in advance immediately on commencement of the entry period viz. 18th June 2024. The exhibitors are also advised to discuss and plan their schedules of bringing in exhibits with the approved clearing and forwarding agents to ensure timely arrival of exhibits.)

The Exhibition will close officially on the evening of 24th June 2024 and all exhibits should be dismantled and moved out of the Exhibition Centre positively by 25th June 2024 to enable handing over of Exhibition Centre to CODISSIA Authorities. Exhibitors must positively adhere to this schedule. The Organising Authority will not be responsible for payment of any penalty for delays in removal of the exhibits.

The removal of machines and material from the exhibition grounds may take place starting from 6.00 p.m on 24th June 2022 only for all those exhibitors who have settled all accounts and have obtained the “Exit Pass” from the Exhibition Authority. For moving out of materials, “Exit Pass” must be obtained from the Exhibition Authority for endorsement and handover the “Exit Pass” at the exit point for each vehicle.

8. Stall own fabrication:

Exhibitors willing to carry out their own fabrication have to submit the plan and get the approval from exhibition authority on or before 15th May 2024. Admissible height is only upto 2.5 meters.

9. Deputation of Technicians:

All exhibitors should depute their technicians well in advance to complete the erection of machinery and take trial demonstrations on 20th June 2024. Names of technical person/persons should be sent to SIMA office latest by 15th June 2024.

10. Security:

The Exhibition Authority provides a day and night security service for the general surveillance of the Hall during exhibition days only (from the evening of 21st June 2024 to the morning of 24th June 2024).

The respective exhibitors are responsible for the custody and surveillance of the stall for the duration of exhibition timing including build-up and dismantling period.

Exhibitors displaying easily removable objects are required to guard the stall from the opening time and till the very last minute of the evening closure. Easily removable exhibits or valuables must be locked in the evening in drawers or cupboards.

11. Safety Regulations:

The generally accepted safety rules relating to technology, labour safety and accident prevention should be observed in all the display arrangements. Proper safety guards must be provided on machines for protection from flying chips, sparks, heat etc. The Exhibition Authority reserves the right to prohibit the operation of machines or equipment, if in their opinion, these pose danger and annoyance to visitors and other exhibitors.

12. Identification:

Exhibitors’ staff should wear proper identification issued by the Exhibition Authority and shall produce the same whenever demanded by the authorised security personnel or representative of the Exhibition Authority any time during the construction, exhibition or dismantling periods. Anybody found to be without proper identification or of dubious character or behaving in a drunken or disorderly manner or committing an offence, trespass or rude behaviour shall be removed forthwith from the Exhibition area.

13. Subletting or transferring of stall space:

To a third party is forbidden. Exhibitors will not be allowed to display products which are not included in the application forms submitted to the Exhibition authority. Permission of the Exhibition Authority must be obtained to alter or make additions to the Exhibition list.

14. Use of Stall space:

The exhibitor is required to exhibit the approved goods and to man the stall with competent personnel during the hours of the Exhibition. The exhibitor will be liable for any damage to walls, floors, etc., of the structures in which the exhibits are housed. Except for basic lighting provided by the Exhibition Authority, all decorations, furnishings, fittings, displays, lighting, etc., will have to be procured and carried out by the exhibitor.

15. Removal of Waste & Cleaning:

The Exhibition Authority will arrange to clean the Exhibition Hall and collect waste material after the Exhibition hours from the exhibitor’s stalls.

16. Damages:

Exhibitor will be required to make good all damages incurred during setting up and/or exhibition period and/or dismantling period at the Exhibition Centre. Exhibitors will not be permitted to fasten machines or any part of display to walls, columns or floor/foundations, anchorage, bolt holes or any type shall not be drilled in the exhibit floor, columns or walls.

17. Furniture:

The exhibitors will make their own arrangements for hiring of furniture other than the basic furniture provided to them as mentioned in 6(c). The Exhibition Authority will make available a list of approved contractors from whom the furniture can be hired at exhibitor’s own responsibility.

18. Sale of Exhibits:

Removal of any exhibit during the Exhibition period is prohibited. Negotiations for sale, however, may be conducted.

19. Name Boards, Stall Display, etc.

a) The Exhibition Authority will provide name boards of specific size and colour for each stall which would be placed at a suitable point in front of each stall. The exhibitor will not be permitted to put up any such board of their own outside or at the entrance of the stall. However, the exhibitor will be free to put up his company’s / firm’s logo, monogram or name inside the stall.

b) Dividers or partitions will not be allowed in front of the stalls or the border lines of the stalls or in front of the passages/alleys.

c) Display boards and panels should be kept inside the stall subject to the condition that the dimensions will not exceed 2.5 metres in height.

d) Use of bright and/or coloured decorative lights, neon signs of any size, shape or colour (including those depicting exhibitor’s name or logo) or any other similar electrical decorative materials is strictly forbidden.

e) Use of any type of loudspeakers or musical instruments in the stall is forbidden.

f) Exhibitors are permitted to set up office/consultation cabins, but the height of the office cabins should not obscure the display of adjacent stalls.

g) No exhibitor will be allowed to remove their exhibits from the Exhibition Centre prior to the official termination of the exhibition, and the exhibitor shall have an official representative present at the exhibition throughout the exhibition period and during the installation and dismantling of their exhibits.

20. Catalogues and sales pamphlets:

a) Enough descriptive catalogues should be available in the stall so that trade enquiries can be attended on the spot.
b) All business activities of an exhibitor must be conducted within the exhibitor’s leased exhibit area.
c) Catalogues, pamphlets and publications pertaining to an exhibitor’s products, samples or souvenirs may be distributed by the exhibitor only from within his own exhibit area.
d) No exhibitor shall distribute literature pertaining to articles or machines not included in the exhibition except that which describes machines or products manufactured by the exhibitor or his own vendor.

21. Exhibition Souvenir:

An official Souvenir will be published in English for use by exhibitors and visitors of SIMA TEXFAIR 2024. The directory will contain the following information:

a) Exhibition floor plan.
b) Alphabetical list of exhibitors.
c) Name of products manufactured by the company
d) Name of the product(s) exhibited at SIMA TEXFAIR 2024.

Exhibitors should list their product profile in FORM – 1 for publication in SIMA TEXFAIR 2024 Souvenir, as the Souvenir would have to be printed well in time for distribution at the exhibition. No changes will be entertained in the details of display exhibits given in FORM – 1.

Exhibitors are requested to use FORM – 3 for releasing their Advertisements in SIMA TEXFAIR 2024 Souvenir.

22. Handling facilities:

Unloading of exhibit cases and their handling at the Exhibition site are to be arranged by the exhibitors themselves through their agency. It will be the responsibility of the exhibitors to see that the work of installing and dismantling the exhibits/stalls is carried out within the stipulated time.

23. Photographs/Films:

The Exhibition Authority shall have exclusive right to take photographs and films of the Exhibition Stalls. Prior permission of the Exhibition Authority will be essential for taking photographs and films by exhibitors and others.

24. Transport Documents:

Participants shall take care to see that the transport documents of exhibits are full and complete to satisfy the statutory requirements of sales tax, central excise and customs to avoid any difficulties en route. The exhibits should be consigned in the name of the participants themselves or their local agents and not in the name of the Organiser.

25. Insurance:

Against all ascertainable risks from transportation to display and removal should be done by Exhibitor at his own cost and the Exhibition Authority will be no way responsible. The Exhibition Authority will not be responsible for any loss or damage by fire or injury of any nature to any person or article. Security will be on duty, day and night, but the Exhibition Authority, while taking precautions against loss, will not guarantee against it and it is hereby expressly released from any liabilities for injury, theft or damage therefrom.

26. Fire Prevention:

The Exhibition Authority will make necessary arrangements for fire prevention equipments within the Exhibition Hall. The exhibitors are expected to acquaint themselves with the positions of the nearest fire hydrants.

27. Settlement of charges:

Any and all expenses chargeable to an Exhibitor must be settled before the close of Exhibition to ensure smooth removal of goods from the Exhibition site.

28. Exhibitors are expected

To comply with any building Regulations if any and all Government Rules and Regulations.

29. Attendance hours

Shall be controlled solely by the Organiser, who will specify hours, etc.

30. Force Majeure:

Under the conditions of force majeure which also includes strike, lockout, bandh or riot, the Exhibition Authority reserves the right to alter the opening dates and durations or even cancellation of the entire exhibition. In case of cancellation of the exhibition the stall rent will be refunded to the exhibitors after deducting the proportionate costs already incurred by the Exhibition Authority.

The Organiser will not be liable for loss, damage or delay resulting from acts of war, civil commotion, strikes, lockouts, regulations, natural calamities, military activity or any other circumstances which shall make it impossible or inadvisable for the Organiser to hold the Exhibition at the time and place provided and Organiser reserves the right to re-schedule the Exhibition to a later date and/or at an alternative venue.

31. Supplementary Clauses:

Whenever necessary, the exhibition Authority shall have the right to issue supplementary regulations in addition to these regulations and guidelines to ensure the smooth management of the exhibition. Any additional written regulations or instructions shall form part of the terms and regulations for participation and shall be binding on the exhibitor.

32. Domicile and Jurisdiction:

The implementation of these regulations or supplementary stipulations laid down by the Exhibition Authority relating to the Exhibition shall be deemed to be domiciled at the office of the Coimbatore Courts. All disputes arising from the exhibitor’s participation and from the enforcement of the regulation laid down by the Exhibition Authority shall be judged according to Indian laws and subject to Coimbatore Jurisdiction.

33. Indemnification:

The exhibitor agrees to indemnify the Exhibition Authority, its Office-Bearers, Officers, employees and members and hold them and each of them harmless from and against any and all claims arising out of the acts of the exhibitor, his agents, representatives and employees, and all contractors, erectors, delivery persons, suppliers and material persons, furnishing services, delivery work or materials at the instance of the exhibitor.

34. Agreement to Conform to Regulations:

The exhibitor agrees to comply with all the regulations contained herein and to such other regulations as may be notified by the Exhibition Authority from time to time relating to the participation of exhibitors in SIMA TEXFAIR 2024. Applicants should read all regulations carefully and conform to them fully.